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Wild Yonder (WIP)

Cheekily nicknamed "Connor MMO" by myself and my friends until recently, this game is a sort-of sandbox I've been working on for some time as an excuse to experiment with game development topics that I was interested in exploring...

  • online multiplayer synchronization
  • interesting mobility options
  • managing precise movement over sloped terrain
  • crafting and inventory management
  • first-person melee combat
  • etc.

You can download the latest client and log onto the dedicated server to try it out at


Rooty Shooty

Use your trusty six-shooter to stave off the undead hordes! Level up to choose between various upgrades, and shoot for a high score!

Tested at the 2018 ECGC in Raleigh, NC to the amusement of dozens of good-naturedly compliant conventiongoers. People seemed to like the dual-wielding.

Download (Windows)
Download (Mac)

2016, 2018

Rocket Builder

An interactive learning tool developed to help students learn middle-school physics concepts, developed as my thesis project for my graduate studies at NCSU. Build a rocket out of simple components, and deploy it into a fully-functional physics space to see how your creation flies.

If you're interested in seeing my process and research background for this project, you can find it all here in my thesis document.

Download (Windows)


Paper Town VR

Interactive art installation, created as a group project during my undergrad studies. A user utilizes a VR headset to see a miniature papercraft village through a live camera. As the user turns in space, a mechanism rotates the camera in real time so as to accommodate the new viewing angle.

I was responsible for programming the physical mechanism which rotates the camera, as well as the VR-enabled Unity scene, and essentially getting the two to communicate nicely with each other.

This installation ended up getting some traction in the tech/art community, and was featured at the ACM Siggraph conference in Los Angeles, California.

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Featured by Siggraph


Grand Bounty (WIP)

A fantasy-themed board game in development for three to five players. Battle monsters, obtain gold, and bid for Relics of increasingly ridiculous power in your quest to slay the dragon before your opponents can. Only one will claim the Grand Bounty!

A personal project I've been working on here and there for a couple of years now. The gameplay has gone through a couple of major overhauls, but by the time it's done, I hope to have designed a deep and hugely replayable game.

Australian Safari

Augmented-reality scavenger hunt, created as a collaboration between the NCSU College of Sciences and the College of Design. Users leave the application running on their phone as they follow clues to various real-world locations on the NCSU campus. Bluetooth beacons installed at each of these locations trigger an event which displays an educational video about a unique Australian animal.

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Multiplayer Online Room

Users can login, run around, wear hats, and hit each other with hammers. That's about it -- it's more or less a tech demo.

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Clockwork is a puzzle game about manipulating time. Interact with objects in the environment to slow down and speed up the world, and lead the robot protagonist to the end of each level.

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